Quest of Ruin

It’s not a liveplay, though it’s scripted like one (From what I understand). QoR opens and closes each episode with the group of PCs playing a game, and then jumps into an interesting TTRPG world where their characters exist. Or is there some crossover? There are dark rumblings, and not always on the right side of reality… While it’s easy for any D&D-esque story to fall into certain kinds of stories, I am finding the characters interesting enough to stick with it, and the world has new stories to unfold.

Julie Hoverson – via Podchaser

A fun adventure filled story served in wonderful bite sized bits!
I marathoned all the episodes in one car ride and I love every moment! You can tell the team is very dedicated to their work and I enjoy the characters a lot! I’m excited for more in the future!

tokudokucosplay – via Chartable