Across the Tracks


This is the memory of Julian Tallen. Human, aged twenty, identified as gender-fluid. Memory regards sightings and experiences around a Level Crossing just outside of Apenton.

Special thanks to Geoffrey Cadogan.


Content Warnings include: Psychiatric hospitalisation mention, physical injury mention, fire, hunting, malnutrition mention, slavery/indentured servitude.

Transcription available here.

Show Notes

This episode features the voice of Gareth Cadogan as Paxton Ferox.
Written and edited by Gareth Cadogan.
Produced by Gina Moriarty.
With Original Music by Evangelos Anastassatos.

Sound effects were obtained from the following websites:

All have been used in accordance with the licensing agreements, and have only been used in free-to-view content.

The following sounds require attribution under CC BY 4.0:

The following music requires attribution under CC BY 3.0:

  • “Porch Swing Days – slower”, “Juniper”, “Cattails”, “Long Note One”, “Inexorable”, “Controlled Chaos – no percussion”, “Awkward Meeting”, “Redletter”, “Black Vortex”, “Nerves”, “Lightless Dawn”, “Unlight” and “Long Note Two” by Kevin MacLeod