Transcript – Words of Warning

[Theme music plays, a click, and the thrumming of the venoscribe begins.]

Alright, this should do to… test all this.
[clears throat]
This is the memory of Sigamm the Hermit. Human, age unknown, identified as male. Memory regards… a warning, and was donated on the twenty-third of the month of Kalla, in the year 625. Inscribed by Paxton Ferox on the second of Thresherstine, 729.

We begin.

[Tense music plays in the background, and as Paxton speaks, whispers echo behind his words.]

Don’t bother trying to find me after this. You won’t be able to. My time here, it has been decided, will be brief. And there is little more than this that I could give you anyway. So, with my limited time, I have decided to come and speak to you on the subject of words.

There has always been a power to words. That’s one of the few things that are constants. With each rising and setting of the sun, with each Shining and Dimming, with each turning of the Continuum, with every thing that changes, words always have power.

The right word can bring salvation, or destruction. Give hope, or take it away. The right word can return what was once thought lost or kill the world too early or even plunge all Creation into a chaos from which there is no return.

And words become so much more powerful when strengthened with the weight of Knowledge. Of the Central Science. Remember that in the days to come. You never know when the right word will come in handy.

[The whispers fade away.]

My time is up. So, I shall say goodbye, and good luck to you.

… Alright, that seemed to go well. I think we’re ready to try the real thing now. Inscription complete.

[The venoscribe clicks. Theme music plays.]

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