Transcript – The Pensive Tower Announcement

[The Pensive Tower theme plays in the background]

Hi, this is Gina Moriarty, chief editor of Scroll and Dagger. I’m here to tell you about the Pensive Tower, a brand new podcast we’re going to be releasing soon. The world of the Pensive Tower is one recovering from calamity, after an event remembered only as “The Great Collapse” brought about the end of civilisation as it was known and plunged the world into a Dark Age.

Now, nearly two thousand years later, a new society has arisen and the Pensive Tower was built to house the memories of the people to ensure such a loss of knowledge never happens again.

Join Paxton Ferox as he makes his way through the donated memories housed within the Tower and discovers that the horrors that brought about the Great Collapse might not be such a distant memory after all.

Find “The Pensive Tower” wherever you get your podcasts.